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The XML Sitemap Generator online tool is intended to be a free and easy-to-use tool to help webmasters generate the sitemap that will be required to submit to the search engines with the minimum of fuss.
To create the XML sitemap online tool, we have created a series of HTML files with the name sitemap.html. These HTML files are the foundation of the XML sitemap generator online tool.
A tool for creating an XML sitemap from any website or Internet source. Create a searchable sitemap in three easy steps.
Create your free XML Sitemap for Blogger with our free online sitemap generator tool. We’ll generate a Sitemap for your blog in just 3 easy steps. 
1. Use the XML Sitemap Generator tool to create a Sitemap for your blog.
2. Add your website link
3. Click generate
If you're using Blogger, you can use our free XML Sitemap Generator to quickly and easily create a Sitemap for your Blog. Simply visit the URL below and follow the instructions: XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger
Our free XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger will generate a fully compliant XML Sitemap for your Blogger site in just a few easy steps. All you need to do is sign up or log in to your Blogger account then follow the instructions on the screen. You can also download the XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger as a ready-made zip file if you like. Alternatively, you can click the link below to go straight to the tool.
Use our free online XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger to create a searchable sitemap of your blog in just a few easy steps. Just enter the URL of your blog and click ‘Generate XML Sitemap’ to create your XML Sitemap. You can then copy and paste the XML Sitemap into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section of your blog to help your blog appear in the search engine results for your keywords. You can also save your sitemap URL to your computer so that you can use it again to create more XML Sitemaps for other blogs.
Use our free XML Sitemap Generator for Blogger to create an XML Sitemap for your blog in just a few easy steps. Just input your blog's URL and our tool will create the XML sitemap for you in just a few seconds. No sign-up is required, no email address is required. It's that easy!
One of the most crucial functions of an XML sitemap is to guide Google to all of your important pages. Because XML sitemaps help Google to discover your key website pages fast, even when internal linking isn't flawless, they can be beneficial for SEO.

XML sitemaps - what are they and how do you use them?

To ensure that Google is able to discover and scan all key sites, an XML sitemap is used. As an added benefit, it aids search engines in understanding your website's structure and content. Every page on your site should be crawled by Google. There are instances when pages are not linked from inside the site, making them difficult to discover. A sitemap helps speed up the finding of material.

What websites require a sitemap in XML format?

This is true for "very huge websites," "websites with vast archives," and "new websites with just a few external connections to it." Sitemaps are also useful for "websites that employ rich media content."
The majority of websites will benefit from an XML sitemap, however we at Best10Data believe that XML sitemaps are helpful for all websites. In order to identify the most essential sites and know when they were last updated, every website relies on Google. This is why the Best10Data XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger: includes this function.

Your XML sitemap should include which pages.

How Do You Choose Which Pages To Include? 

It's always a good idea to start with the relevancy of the URL: is the visitor getting a good result when they land on a certain URL? Does it matter if users end up to that URL? In the absence of such evidence, it is likely that it should not be included. Noindex tags are required, however, if you don't want that URL to show up in the search results. The URL will still be indexed by Google even if it's not included in your sitemap. It is possible for Google to index a URL if it can be found by following links.

A fresh blog, for instance:

You may be beginning a new blog, for example. Creating an XML sitemap straight away is a smart idea since you'll want Google to be able to locate recent articles fast so that your target audience may find your blog in the search results. You may want to start by creating a few posts and categories for them, as well as some tags. Although the tag summary pages won't have enough material yet, they'll be "thin content" that's not useful to visitors - yet. As a result, the URLs of the tags should be left out of the sitemap for the time being. In order to prevent others from finding them in search engine results, set the tag pages to 'noindex, follow'

Media and pictures are another example:

Also, the XML sitemap for "media" or "images" is unneeded for the majority of websites. Due to the fact that you're likely to utilise pictures on both pages and posts, your images will already be included in your post or page sitemaps. As a result, we recommend that you should not include a separate'media' or 'image' sitemap. One exception is if photos are your major source of income. A separate'media' or 'image' sitemap is likely to be required for photographers, for example.

How to have your sitemap found by Google?

Your XML sitemap has to be added to your Google Search Console account if you want Google's spiders to locate it more easily. The 'Sitemaps' section lets you know if your sitemap has previously been added. Your sitemap will appear at the top of the page if you do not have one.
When you add your sitemap, you can check to see if Google has indexed all of the pages in it. It's important to investigate any large discrepancies between the "submitted" and "indexed" numbers on a given sitemap. The indexing of certain pages may be hindered by a mistake. It's also possible that you'll require extra links referring to unindexed material.

Learn how to add XML sitemaps to your site using our XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger?

Yoast SEO now allows you to generate your own XML sitemaps because of their SEO benefits. Free and premium plugin versions include these. When you use our service, we automatically produce them and set them in the correct location. As far as the location of your XML sitemap, you don't have to bother about it.
In addition to the XML sitemaps that we developed in conjunction with Google for Blogger, we now provide a superior version of sitemaps in our XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger. In comparison to the one in emexee.com XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger:, the one in WordPress is simple and lacking in many of the features seen in our XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger. As soon as you use our tool, we generate the Blogger sitemap for you immediately.

Why EmeXee XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger?

To assist you simply build effective XML Sitemaps for your website, Best10Data XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger: developers have developed a free, premium-quality online application.
Afterwards, you may upload the sitemap you've created to your website to start reaping the rewards.
For good ranking, XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger has been created to specifically address the SEO standards that must be met.
When using our sitemap generator, you may generate a sitemap that has up to 500 pages.
This application may be used to create a sitemap while simultaneously serving as a webpage counter. On your website, it allows you to determine both the total number of indexed pages and the number of indexed pages. Your indexing value can be improved if it appears to be decreasing.
Our sitemap generator is incredibly versatile and customization. 
XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger supports major search engines, such as Google and Bing, as well as many more. It may also be applied to any website, regardless of whether it is built using WordPress or another platform.
In order to utilize most XML producers on the market, you'll need to have basic coding abilities in order to use them. Best10Data XML Sitemap Generator Online Tool For Blogger:, on the other hand, is different. In order to build XML Sitemaps with it, you do not need any coding expertise whatsoever.
As a result, the tool is incredibly straightforward to use.


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